Responding to consultation

If you recently supported our planning application, you’ll have received a short letter from the Planning Officer, outlining some amendments to our plans. This follows consultation with local residents and other interested parties, and aims to enhance the site whilst reducing the impact on the local environment and residents. It’s incredibly important to us as a team, and the ethics of our project, that we consult genuinely, and respond to the results of that consultation. Namely:

1. “Revised plans and elevations. Change in layouts, including position of proposed uses and setting out of external space
– To reduce the amount of noise and odour impact on local residents, we have moved all food outlets to the Piccadilly side of the site; meaning all extraction air and noise will now leave the site 6m above street level and at the furthest point from residents.
– We have added in an additional container on the North-East corner of the first floor, closing a gap which may have had an impact on property 11A, which sits adjacent to the site.
– We have revised the external communal areas, reducing the impact of people noise by dispersing visitors across a larger area, 40% of which is under cover. We have also introduced a roof to cover external areas, further reducing the amount of sound that leaves the site.
– We have introduced green roofs to reduce our environmental impact.
– Our plans still offer space for at least 60 start-up businesses, including 12 food (20%) 4 drink (7%); 9 Retail (15%); 25 office/desk-based (40%); and the rest made up of arts, performance, exhibition and pop up space (please see floorplans below).

2. “Updated noise report & waste strategy
– We have re-commissioned our noise report and revised our noise management strategy, based on the above revisions.
– We have relocated the positioning of our waste storage and collection, to ensure minimal disturbance to neighbouring residents.

As a local, community driven project; it’s essential to us that we listen and respond to local opinion, and these changes demonstrate our desire to be inclusive and considerate throughout our project through genuine consultation. We look forward to welcoming you all at Spark:York in the not too distant future.

Thank you again for your continued support.

Joe, Sam & Tom