What York has been crying out for

“This is exactly the sort of thing York has been crying out for. Myself, as well as others in the city, put everything into our food – passion, love, sweat and tears, and to bring all that together in one site is a brilliant idea.

jamaican-street-foodI’ve been doing street food for four years now. I’ve had a food truck, done food festivals, and had residencies in pubs across the city; so the chance to have my own space and be able to develop my business on my own terms and kit it out in my own style is just what I need.

I have big dreams for my company, and this represents a chance. They’ve been running bars, restaurants and even clubs out of shipping containers in Jamaica for years, so the fact that somebody is bringing that to York is an extremely exciting prospect.”

Jah Zipper (Adam) has been trading as Jamaican Street Food Ltd, primarily in York, for the last four years. He produces authentic, delicious Caribbean cuisine that’s inspired a strong local following. His Jamaican roots, time-honoured recipes passed down through generations and an understanding of the intrinsic relationship between music, food and alcohol allow Jah to give his customers a true taste of Jamaica.

Adam previously held a position as a social worker in Birmingham, working hard to reduce the negative effects of the many challenges facing young people. As a result of this, he has a strong desire to put back into the community of York through skills sharing for young people that are not in education, employment or training (NEETs). This holistic approach to food, and the impact it can have on the community and society as a whole, coupled with passion and his evident business acumen is what sets Jah Zipper and Jamaican Street Food apart. Well, that and some truly beautiful jerk chicken!

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