York lacks a hotspot to fuse over great food, drink, music and art

Amplify the Anthems (ATA) was born out of a desire to change and rejuvenate the UK unsigned music industry. With a philosophy focused on nurturing and exposing raw talent, ATA pride themselves on giving back to those that matter the most; the artists and their fans.

For that reason, ATA introduce to the world ‘The UK’s New Music Chart’. By bringing the power of the Internet to the everyday music lover, ATA have developed a platform which offers artists equal and fair royalties whilst gaining exposure to a wider audience and guiding them along the way in what can be a notoriously difficult industry to crack. For the first time ever, the UK’s unsigned musicians will be able to compare their successes against other artists through genre filtered national, regional and local charts.

amplifytheanthemsATA is the one-stop-shop where both the artists and fans needs can be met, making it easier to get from listening to a favourite new band, to watching them live at their next gig. Undiscovered talent is everywhere, and it’s our mission to amplify it.

To say that York is one of the UK’s leading tourist destinations, as well as host to some of the world’s top creative institutions and universities, York has long been missing an area where creative and innovative minds can connect and cook up the next recipe to sweep the nation. Whether it be over a casual drink or tucking into Tapas, York seems to lack that one pinnacle hotspot where the city fuses over great music, art and food.

A project like Spark:York will fill the gap whilst allowing local and independent businesses to blossom. With an eclectic mix of York’s finest ideas, products and services, Spark:York will be the forefront of business ‘for the future’ by breaking the norm and allowing microeconomies to prosper without the fear of being run into the ground by the ever competitive high street brands and rental fees.

Spark:York would allow my company, Amplify The Anthems, to achieve our goals of improving and revolutionising the unsigned music scene throughout the UK. By providing unique spaces and extraordinary event space, Spark:York would be the local hotspot to find up and coming talent. A space like Spark:York would become one of our main event spaces where we can regularly host gigs, bringing the best unsigned acts from all over the UK to York. Furthermore, having a streetwear clothing line as well as multiple other products from unsigned musicians across the UK, we have found it hard to find brick and mortar or container (!) where rental fees, location and target audience are the perfect mix. Well, that was until Spark:York fell on our doorstep. Now we know just the place!

Adam Johnson, Owner, Amplify the Anthems

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